Welcome to the Power Wheelchair Racing Association.
  There are few to no sports that are available for people with high level injuries, and people with limited mobility. Power Wheelchair Racing can be done by anyone with a power chair. This sport is good for your mind, body, and soul. Not only is it fun, but its filled with excitement and challenges. When a person gets out there and races head to head with someone, or try's to beat the record time, there wheelchair turns into wings and gives them a small taste of the freedom and independence they once had, or never had.

Power Wheelchair racing is a new sport and is starting to get noticed by many people all around the world. As with many sports they are not for everyone, but we are looking for those few who will take on the challenge. Please help the PWRA in any way you can. If it is participating, volunteering, sponsoring, or helping get the word out about the PWRA your involvement is important. Stick together to make this world better, and to help roll Power Wheelchair Racing to a new level.